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Rottweilers For Sale Sacramento CA
(Meicah Vom Hognadottir)

"The Rottweiler is basically a calm, confident and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. A Rottweiler is self- confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in his environment. He has an inherent desire to protect home and family, and is an intelligent dog of extreme hardness and adaptability with a strong willingness to work, making him especially suited as a companion, guardian and general all-purpose dog."

(Excerpt from the official AKC written standard)

Two of our newest imported Rottweiler stud dogs (Trofim S Berega Turi) (100% ADRK bloodlines, son of Int'l CH. Ben v.d. Scherau) and Arco Earl Antonius) son of World Champion, Bronko od Dragicevica) come from highly respected, top winning kennels in Russia (Berega Turi Rottweilers) and Europe (Earl Antonius Rottweilers). Our Girls are our foundation so much time and thought goes into any Rott-weiler female we consider for breeding. We like our ladies to have strength, substance and bone yet still be feminine and easily distinguishable from the Rottweiler males. Only our very best will do!

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