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Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers and German Shepherds Our Puppy Owners pictures
We would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to the many wonderful people over the years who have become a part of
the Vom Hognadottir's extended family and have one of our special Rottweiler dogs or German Shepherd dogs in their lives.

The love, care and life-long devotion you bestow upon them is a big part of what makes being a breeder so rewarding for us!
We love hearing from our puppy people and seeing pictures of our babies in their new homes. If you own a Vom Hognadottir Rottweiler or German Shepherd and would like their picture added to our website please don't hesitate to send them to us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

There are many pictures and it may take some time to load!

Loved by the Kalmars
Billy @ 4 months
Billy @ 4 months
50lbs and a wonderful puppy!
Loved by Brianna

Belona @ 1 year Belona @ 1 year Belona @ 1 year
Bellona @ 1 year
Owned by Myranda

Lilly Lilly
Owned by the Von Aspern family

Kruzer Kruzer Kruzer
Kreuzer Vom Hognadadottir
(Reena x Ando)
Owned by the Laymans

AKC Star Pup Diesel
AKC Star Pup Diesel

The Star Puppy medal arrived from AKC. I thought this photo captured Diesel's bold spirit best. She keeps me hopping, but she is a wonderful puppy who will one day be an amazing dog. She is a real character!


PS.... Did you know we named her Diesel Elskan Vom Hognadottir in your honor? I hope we used the Icelandic properly. Our intention was the translation to be Diesel Darling, which is what I call her when she is being good, which she is ....sometimes...often...but not always :-)

Sully at 1 year and 96 lbs. Sully at 1 year and 96 lbs.
Sully at 1 year and 96 lbs.
Owned by Kathy

Guinness @ 11 months old Guinness @ 11 months old Guinness @ 11 months old
Hello Ms. Betty, this is Erin and Kyle from Florida- we have purchased all of our Babies from you. Beginning with JD and Eleanor in 2004, and later on DJ, Bandit and Guinness. Guinness was the last Baby we purchased from you and let me tell you he is AWESOME. They are all awesome and have their own unique personalities, we have so much fun with them all on a daily basis. Guinness (parents are Daisy & Titan) and I have a very, very special bond, he was my birthday present last year. We have been attending training and successfully completed the AKC Good Citizens Certification, we are now working to complete the advanced AKC Good Citizens Certification. Guinness loves to work, very eager to work/train and of course play. Guinness is currently Eleven months old and will be a year old on June 15th. I wanted to send you a few pictures of my handsome young man Guinness. Thank you.

Erin and Kyle

Owen is turning 10!
Today our pup Owen is turning 10! He was from a litter with Gretta and Maximus ( I believe) and has been a complete joy for the 10 years we have had him as part of our family!

I admit I was skeptical about getting a rottie but have been completely won over! I enlisted the help of a great trainer (Mike Hatjes) and learned just how lovable and hard working a dog he is! All he wants to do is make me happy and be with his "people"! We do ok with commands but thats my fault, not his!
He is very gentle with young and old and has changed a lot of peoples opinions about Rottweilers. We walk daily and the vet is amazed at how well he is aging - a little stiff some days is all he has to complain about!. He is a big boy, currently about 115 lbs but was as high as 130 a few years ago. He looks so intimidating but is just a big lovable lap dog.

I just wanted to let you know that one of your pups has made a great impact on our lives! The kids say he is actually my favorite child and I tell them, You Bet! He is always there to take care of us and be a comfort, friend, walking pal, or play mate and only asks for some treats and to have his ears scratched in return.

Happy Birthday Owen!

Colleen Able

Loki @ 9 weeks
Loki @ 9 weeks
(Alda x Condor)
Owned by Annie and Cliff

Roxi having fun playing ball with grandson
Owned by the Browning family
Zeus (Titan x Cleo)
Owned by the Browning family

Meicah & Ronin
Meicah & Ronin
10.5 years and 11 months

Trek Trek
Owned by the Graham family

Bellona and Borris
Bellona and Borris
Owned by Myrna

 Cody at vet getting his X-rays
Cody at vet getting his X-rays
2 years old
 Billy @ 8 weeks
Billy @ 8 weeks
( Hildegard x Lucas )
Owned by Brianne

 German Shepherd Pup  in Training
German Shepherd pup in training... Wonderful temperament!
(OrBeeno x Briget)

 Trek Trek
Trek Trek

Trek's getting big!
Owned by the Graham family

 Luke Luke
Owned by C.

 Morgan Morgan
Morgan Morgan

Morgan @ 10 months
(Cleo x Titan)
Loved and appreciated by the Lindsay

 Jax Jax
Owned by Annabelle

 Burleigh Argus at 6 mos old Burleigh Argus at 6 mos old Burleigh Argus at 6 mos old
Burleigh Argus @ 6 months old
(Konnenstoltz Lucas x Konnenstoltz Princess Adda)
Loved and appreciated by the Rosenow Family

Otto Vom Hognadattir
Otto Vom Hognadattir
8 months - 77 lbs
Owned by Chris

Loved and appreciated by the Cavallo family!

 Zeus Zeus Zeus
Ando X Risa
Loved and appreciated by the Rubios!

 Trek  Trek


Trek and Loki

Trek enjoying the outdoors.
Owned by the Graham family

Auger @ 5 months
Auger - 5 months, 55lbs
Guss X Gabby
Loved and appreciated by Karen
Andosa (Stella)
Ando X Asta
Loved and appreciated by Melissa & Ed


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