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Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers and German Shepherds Our Puppy Owners pictures
We would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to the many wonderful people over the years who have become a part of
the Vom Hognadottir's extended family and have one of our special Rottweiler dogs or German Shepherd dogs in their lives.

The love, care and life-long devotion you bestow upon them is a big part of what makes being a breeder so rewarding for us!
We love hearing from our puppy people and seeing pictures of our babies in their new homes. If you own a Vom Hognadottir Rottweiler or German Shepherd and would like their picture added to our website please don't hesitate to send them to us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

There are many pictures and it may take some time to load!

Miga @ 6 months
Cleo x Titan
Owned and Loved by Rebecca

6 months - 55lbs
Owned by Lisa Hernandez

Rusty Rusty
Owned by the Brott family

Presley @ 7 months
Presley @ 7 months
Hi Betty, Wanted to share this picture of Presley at 7 months.
She's from the Adda/Titan litter born 9/6/16. We love her!
She's so sweet and smart and such a great family dog! -- Andi Snow

Xena at 6 months
A gorgeous girl!
Owned by Joyce

Betty, Our Emily is such a sweetheart. She is everything we hoped for and more.
Thank you for the time and energy you put into your kennel!
By the way, she loves the snow and Alaska. -- Bruce

Kruzer @ 1 year
Owned by Leigh

Owned by the Schumann family

Owned by the Coleman family

Bailey @ 6 months
(Ada x Titan III)
Owned by Sarah and Amir Faal

Ronin @ 10 weeks, trying to be cool like Meicah
Ronin (right) and Meicah (left)
Owned by the McCarthy family

Nalla @ 6 months and 49.2lbs
(Adda x Titan III)
Owned by the Richardson family

Bella @ 8 months old
Such a good girl!
Owned by the Browning family

Ruby - DOB 4/29/16
(Gretchen x Titan III)
Owned by Karen

   Apollo (left) Oakley (right)

 Apollo and Oakley
Owned by the Rawles family

Bear on his 5 Month Birthday Bear on his 5 Month Birthday Bear on his 5 Month Birthday
Bear on his 5 Month Birthday
(Titan III X Adda)
Owned by Marcus

Sully @ 18 months Sully @ 18 months Sully @ 18 months
Sully @ 18 months
Owned by Kathy

(Dacy x Titan)
Owned by Kelly

Billy @ 11 mos and 105lbs, Big boy!
Billy @ 11 mos and 105lbs, Big boy!
Hildegard x Lukas

Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl!
Delta - Pretty girl who will grow into her ears.
(Ragga x Aladin)

Xena @ 17 weeks
Xena @ 17 weeks
Owned by the Esernia family
Xena @ 13 weeks
Xena @ 13 weeks
Owned by the Esernia family

Ruby @ 8 months  Ruby @ 8 months
Ruby, a little over 8 months - 70 lbs
(Gretchen x Titan III)
We are so pleased with her!
Owned by Karen

Delta Star Vom Hognadottir  Delta Star Vom Hognadottir
Delta Star Vom Hognadottir
Owned, loved and appreciated by Lisa of Clayton, CA

Hi Betty,
Just wanted to let you know Jeeter is doing great!
We just love him. He is such a smart and lovely puppy.
fondly, Marci and John
Ava @ 4 months
Owned by Vanessa

Beautifil ears!
Beautiful ears!
Owned by Annie
Oakley (left) and Apollo (right)
Oakley (left) and Apollo (right)
Owned by Kandis

Xena @ 11 weeks
Xena @ 11 weeks / Beautiful pup
Owned by Joyce Esernia
Xena meeting horse
Xena meeting horse. Can you believe how brave she is?!
Owned by Joyce

Cody  Cody

Owned, loved and appreciated by Roger

Billy at 9 months  Billy at 9 months
Billy at 9 months

Billy at 9 months
Loved by Brianne


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